Tax Back on Work Mileage: Drive Your Way to Savings!

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Tax Back on Work Mileage: Drive Your Way to Savings!

The thrill of the open road might be alluring for many, but for those who use their vehicles for work-related activities, those miles can accumulate – and with them, potential savings. Through the Mileage Allowance Relief offered by HMRC, every work-related mile could be a step towards a sizeable tax relief.

Tax Back on Work Mileage | Claim HMRC Mileage Allowance Relief

The Roadmap to Mileage Allowance Relief

What's in it for You?

Ever since April 2015, HMRC's provision allows for up to 45p per mile traveled in relief. That’s not mere pennies; it can add up to a significant sum!

How the Mechanics Work

This relief essentially diminishes your taxable income by deducting your business miles, scaled against the approved mileage rates. But there's a catch: any employer-provided reimbursement might curtail the relief.

Mileage Matters

Business mileage isn't your daily home-to-office commute. Think of it as those extra miles you journey while executing your professional duties. Be it a contractor hopping from one site to another or a physiotherapist attending to home calls; these are the miles that count.

Employer Reimbursement - A Double-Edged Sword

If your employer's reimbursement for mileage is lower than what HMRC approves, there's room to claim the difference. Essentially, every mile is worth more than you might be getting!

Crunching the Numbers

The calculation is straightforward. Multiply the business miles with the HMRC's approved rates, subtract any employer reimbursement, and that's your claimable amount. Remember, the final rebate is typically 20-40% of this sum, determined by your tax bracket.

For illustration, driving 5,000 miles yearly for work-related meetings, with an employer paying 25p per mile since 2015/16, you calculate: 5000×(45p−25p)5000×(45p−25p) The resulting amount showcases your potential claim.

Steer Towards Savings with Taxpro

Juggling between work commitments, car maintenance, and now, tax claims? It might feel like a tightrope walk, but with Taxpro in the passenger seat, you’re in safe hands. From discerning what qualifies as business mileage to optimising your claims, our expertise ensures your journey towards tax relief is smooth and beneficial.

So, before you set off on your next business trip, remember - every mile is not just towards your work goal but also a potential addition to your savings. Turn the ignition, and let Taxpro guide you on the road to maximum tax savings.

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