How to find your UTR number?

What is a UTR Number and How to Find It? | Guide to UTR Number

How to find your UTR number?

What is a UTR Number and How to Find it?

Hello there, from TaxPro! Today, we’re here to discuss a term that you’ve probably come across while dealing with your taxes: a UTR number.

A UTR number, or Unique Taxpayer Reference number, is a specific ten-digit number assigned to every individual or company by HMRC. This number functions as your own personal ID for all matters related to taxation. It is crucial for filing your tax returns, applying for a tax rebate, and interacting with the HMRC.

So, how do you find this elusive UTR number? It’s not as complicated as it may sound. If you’re a PAYE or CIS employee, your UTR number is mentioned on your previous tax returns, Notices of Coding, and your SA250 (Self-Assessment Statement). If you’re registering as self-employed, HMRC will mail you your UTR number once your registration process is complete.

Keep in mind that your UTR number is confidential, so make sure you store it safely. In case you lose it, don’t panic! You can retrieve it by signing into the HMRC online services or contacting the HMRC helpline.

Understanding your UTR number and its importance in the tax world is crucial. It is part of the fundamental knowledge needed to navigate tax responsibilities and claim your tax rebate successfully.

At TaxPro, we’re here to help simplify your tax affairs. If you have questions about your UTR number or need assistance with your tax rebate, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s make your tax journey stress-free together!